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Lock Down Update Day 62 – 63

Day 62 – Celebration time! – as seems to have been the case throughout this crisis the Government issued a statement late last night, to our surprise and delight we find that we can move into the next phase of de escalation from Monday, a week earlier than originally stated. The sense of freedom and relief is immense after it took most of this week to overcome the disappointment of not being included last week. Of course this is not total freedom, but at least some shops will be able to open with restricted entrance, some you must pre order and collect only and cafes and restaurants will open with limited safe distancing on terraces outside or for collection of meals to take away. I plan to celebrate with a fresh home made scone and tea in a Belgium restaurant in the port, this is one of the many things I promised myself during these last months re assessing life. My visitors have done this many times over the years while I always missed out, working or cleaning while they went for a stroll, these are no ordinary scones they are the best! A driving force in my life comes from the inequality we see, defending the sick, poor, weak or those mis understood, all beings matter. So part of my new life moving forward is going to be; I matter and am deserving too! no more missing out, its part of my new self care and self love protocol, I matter and am deserving too! we ALL matter.

Meanwhile in the test for immunity initiative that the government is doing, so far results on the selected people of mixed age, social background and areas are showing only 5% of Spaniards have been infected with the coronavirus after testing 70,000 participants. Of course these are only guides but what is known is that in Andalusian provinces of Almería, Málaga and Córdoba death rate per infected was no more than 0.5%.

Yesterday also was San Isidro our towns patron Saint day which is marked by a local public holiday, it is usually celebrated by local producers selling their wares, horse parades with many events and shows including a Ballet or Opera. There are processions and also a Feria (Fair) for which the locals and most children wear their Flamenco dresses whilst celebrating the 4 days of events. For us it also marks the approach of summer as temperatures are usually higher than they have been and the sun is out most days from now until the end of September.

San Isidro our towns patron Saint Day

Day 63 – While we celebrate our impending move tomorrow into more freedom and the a slow starting of our economy it is reported that the civil guard is preparing for the possibility of social unrest. I guess this could be a real threat to many countries in the coming months as the reality of financial burdens hit, some landlords have allowed delaying of payments but will be demand them paid once life starts to return to normal. Loans will need paying back, many will loose, or already have lost their jobs as companies struggle to survive the lack of business these past months, especially here as most of the economy relies on tourism. The season started at Easter which didn’t happened and now will not start until maybe mid July fully when restrictions of movement may start lifting, losing 4 months of their usual 6 month potential to gain profits or survive! It also mentions anger may arise at the governments handling of this period and again this may be seen worldwide when we look back at this whirlwind. I guess better to be prepared than sorry, lets hope the contingency plans wont be needed.

While they are preparing in case the people revolt, it is interesting to see that a revolt of the 1% (wealthy) against the coronavirus ‘oppression’ in Spain has already started with Residents of the upscale Madrid district of Salamanca. They have been demonstrating against the government for allegedly curtailing their freedoms and disobeying lock down regulations. This article may be political but we do know that some of the wealthy around the world have been getting richer during this crisis, but having their freedom of movement taken away has got to them. Early on many private planes were turned back after trying to ignore all regulations regarding movement throughout Europe and bribes were not working. Some of these people arrived in our area whilst having the virus instead of Self Isolating in Madrid, they were found flaunting regulations here by walking with family in public places and on beaches that were closed. Locals believe they brought the virus here when we had no cases, creating a huge outcry from the people to whom they had no concern of infecting. Many people will not forget the elites behaviour and it will be interesting to see if this will go deeper than the movement against the 1% which happened after the financial crash where the poor became poorer. Money and wealth are one thing but disregard for others well being, and not peacefully enduring what most of the world has had to endure “Isolation” is another. These people are not in crowded small apartments with no balconies and they certainly don’t need to worry about paying rent or buying food for their children. Madrid has again not been granted a move into the next phase this week so tensions may rise further, I think this is the first time I have ever seen the elite demonstrating, they are obviously not happy that something is actually affecting them!

Lets not forget that not all are the same, there have been many cases of unity and compassion from those better off. This situation just highlights those that are lacking humanity, without any concerns only for themselves, believing with arrogance that they are entitled and above everything including the law. This minority of humans are found in all walks of life not just the elite, they need help, as to not feel humanity, unity and care for others and our planet, they are sadly lost and lacking any meaning of life, they are maybe sad, hurting or empty souls lost in the darkness. Sleepwalking through life they may just need waking up!

We end with the magnificence and mystery of nature that we are continuously discovering, it never ceases to amaze me how beautiful the unseen can be and even looking at many parts of nature microscopically reveals the most extraordinary beauty that lies within. “Four New Species Of Glittery Deep Sea “Elvis Worms” have been discovered, Peinaleopolynoe have long been nicknamed “Elvis worms” because their glittery outfits look like the sequins on the King’s famous jumpsuits”. They live 2 mile down in the depths of the ocean and scientists can’t explain their strange moves which they have called “jitterbugging”.

This evening we will have the last of our daily 10 minutes clapping on the balcony’s. As we move forward tomorrow, instead of letting it die out weakly the plan is to go out with a bang. We will have a longer and much louder session to express our heart felt thanks, and to honour and celebrate the medical staff and essential workers for putting themselves at risk, and seeing us all through these last few months. Please stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones including taking care of your mental health, remember to look for the beauty within all things 💜

Glittery Deep Sea “Elvis Worms”


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