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Lock Down Update Day 64 – 66

Day 64 is the first day of phase 1 moving out of lock down and while I feel I should be out celebrating instead I am sat here writing and cleaning at the same time. The thing I looked forward to the most going into this phase, was seeing my Son but it can’t happen today. It all happened unexpectedly, a week early, so he has an appointment with the vet to check on his beautiful dogs stitches after being castrated last week, and I have a parcel arriving and no car today. Tomorrow hopefully I will drive (first time in 2 months) to see them, I could take a visit to the garden centre on the way home or just go in a supermarket which again I haven’t done for over 2 months! Maybe I will wait a few more days to walk around to see what is open, a coffee outside seems like a luxury but I am still only allowed out for an hour in my allotted times before 10am or after 9pm, unless to a bar, cafe, shop etc. A few will open in the coming days although many plan to stay closed until the next week or so when they should be able to have more capacity. For many it seems a little pointless economically at the moment to have staff for maybe 2 or 3 tables outside, but at least the parks will start to open again from tomorrow so I look forward to a trip to the old trees nearby in the coming days.

Many times during this diary I have mentioned our oppressive weather, well it is official and not just my imagination, from the 15 March the day after we started our Isolation to 23rd April, the sun has shone the least it has ever shone in recorded history, beating 1948 during the same period which held the record! During this time higher Humidity levels were also recorded. It has been so strange talking with my daughter in Wales during this time seeing her in short sleeves for most of the time, it has felt like the natural weather systems had shifted and swapped places!

Day 65 – Yes! I am finally going out, having no time to write I will leave you with a few news articles I have collected over the week.

As the UK plans to cut tariffs on U.S. agricultural imports Tory MP Neil Parish’s amendment to ensure agriculture imports from the US adhere to UK animal health and welfare, environment and environmental standards was rejected in a vote in parliament. This begs disbelief, why on earth would MPs vote against safeguarding imports against unhealthy or badly treated animals or produce that doesn’t adhere to environmental standards. This subject is huge so I will leave it here, still in disbelief that MPs really couldn’t give a ** about peoples welfare, needs or what has greatly been publicised and voiced, peoples wishes. At this stage I feel the UK is not taking back control, it has handed it over to corrupt politicians, traders and corporations, all out to make profits at the expense of health and safety for the people.

Still in the UK Stone Henge is to livestream this years summer solstice for the first time ever, which will be a blessing for all those many thousands around the world that can never attend to see the spectacle, including myself, its already in my diary!

“Verbal communication is just too imprecise and unreliable”, according to Elon Musk, which is why he is hoping to do away with it all together within the next decade saying “talking will stop within the next 5 – 10 years!” Can you imagine after this lack of freedom we have all just endured and the desperate need for communication that this would ever happen, I doubt it. For myself like many, communication has happened via technology and know that this could never replace face to face discussions and talking. I feel more misunderstandings can happen when you are not actually physically with each other, but with body language and gazing into eyes it helps you understand the message others are trying to get across. A big contribution to communication is by sensing physically, sometimes messages can be passed between people without uttering a single word, I am sure we have all practiced or observed this, that look that says its time to leave etc. I guess mind reading would come in handy for knowing the truth especially from politicians or those in authority but I am sure that wont happen technologically, it will just pick up on the words focused on. I still struggle with my voice recognition messages or predictive texts which still cause me frustrations when I read back what I have sent! Of course this is a scary breech of freedom on the horizon with technology aiming to tap into our thoughts, our only true freedom in a world of struggle, justices or oppression is the freedom of thought! No one can take away our visions or hopes for a better way, peace or whatever is dear to us and our truth. Thoughts are often just a means to assimilate information, they are not necessarily our beliefs until we have clarified those thoughts, it is often our refuge, privacy to assimilate and make decisions.

More Plants waiting to be planted

Day 66 – Today is one of those days where everything is falling perfectly into place, I managed to get some fresh fruit and local vegetables instead of supermarket ones. The local market which is now allowed to open for fresh produce didn’t materialise but I managed to find a shop open with some in. It was maybe a bit to much walking back with them, but I did it and now cant wait to enjoy the taste of fresh produce once again. On returning home the postman called at least 3 hrs early for him, with my sons black cloth face masks which were ordered over a month ago.

It feels like divine timing as a new regulation starting tomorrow states that masks will be compulsory in all public spaces as well as the 2mtre distancing. This will include walking outside and in streets if there are many people around and outside in bars etc. The only exceptions being for certain sport activities and for those who would suffer more stress medically, ie respiratory diseases, but they will need to have a certificate of exemption from the doctors. Children under 6 are exempt too if it causes stress to them so parents are cautioned not to take them to busier places.

Yesterday I did get to see my son and I didn’t want to come home! It was beautiful as we sat outside in the garden just chatting for hours as I soaked up the moments. His beautiful pup Ludo has grown so much in the last 2-3 months since I saw him, and was pleased to see he still remembered me! We also got my late birthday present from the garden centre, lots of plants for my ready prepared pots on the balcony, so this afternoon I will plant them brightening up my space. This year instead of growing herbs etc. which seem to get permanently attacked by bugs no mater what I use to keep them at bay, both chemical or the many natural solutions I have tried over the years, I have decided to plant bright flowers. This will be my happy space as the temperatures rise, I will be spending more hours there even when the sun leaves it. The only thing that I couldn’t get was any evening scented plants for the summer nights, but I am sure I will be able to in the coming weeks.

So my check list wish of simple pleasures I made during these last months is going down, in the next days I will get to sit with my local old trees, soon after I may get to have fresh scones and cream at a Belgium cafe after missing out for many years. I will space out my to do list giving me pleasure, as once I am through it, the first and foremost wish will be still sat there. Of course this is to see my daughter, but we have no idea when this is going to be possible, we can only pray that it will be sooner rather than later, with the end of June being the earliest I could hope for.

As I leave with so much gratitude in my heart today I hold prayers in my heart for those in India who are already suffering and are now facing a bigger threat than the virus, a cyclone, lets pray they manage to move the 2 million people to safety from the coastal areas. Social distancing and isolation will seem irrelevant now as they face this real threat from nature. Please keep these people in your prayers as you stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones including taking care of your mental health. I truly hope you manage the find the depth of gratitude I feel today, it may be transient but to fully emerge in it is soul lifting. 💜

Ludo has grown so much in 2 months!

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