Are you looking for Wisdom? join me on the search! after pondering on the subject I came to the conclusion that wisdom for one is not necessarily wisdom to another, we all seem to seek it whilst journeying through this life at whatever age. We seek it to help us through our trials and tribulations, goals, ambitions and to help stop us feeling inadequate or lost as we strive for peace, confidence and purpose. Humanity is an amazingly complex often confusing species, we are able to share great wisdom whilst not utilising it ourselves! Yes I am guilty probably more so than others. I have given out so much advice over my many years as a therapist which has greatly helped so many, I sometimes listened to my own words as they came out thinking this is so true and applies to myself too, why am I not paying attention and using it!

So for many people I have been wise, people took the right action for themselves based on advice I offered and succeeded, the key word being ACTION, nobody is perfect, these same people also made decisions and took actions in other areas which resulted in failure. The same (wisdom) advice which was given to others often resulted in no positive results, so for myself, I feel that our decisions, choices, actions and results depend on many complex factors. We all have different circumstances, emotions, bodily metabolisms etc. so finding outside wisdom that may help our life or health issues turns into a personal journey. We can apply it, but knowledge comes through our experience of its success or failure which then becomes our own Wisdom and Truth. One day we may reach the stage of the wise elder who is at peace and acceptance with everything just the way it is, who observes without judgment and is a wise example to those around them.

Until that day this section is dedicated to all the people out there that I consider extremely wise, but like myself can have feelings of inadequacy, confusion, lack of confidence and feel completely lost. For those days if you cant find solace in the Quotes section then I hope you find some wisdom in the ageing related humour section! Laughter has huge health benefits, not only does it help you feel good it lets your mind and worries take a break! Enjoy.

Wise Old Owl-Laughter- Photo credit: Khaalis on Visual hunt