CoronaVirus Lockdown

Lock Down Update Day 79 – 81

Day 79 found me walking with a shopping trolley to our local market to find it was not there once again, a little disappointed and not sure as to why, I enjoyed a beautiful walk through the park finding two trees in blossom that I hadn’t seen before. Other smaller towns have had their markets open for fresh produce for a couple of weeks now, maybe being a larger town it will be harder to keep safe distance or, or maybe stall holders need to travel making it less viable with restricted numbers of customers. I did however pass a few others with the same idea as myself, walking along with trolleys in hand, maybe next week!

Riots in the US, I guess I should say something just for the sake of looking back at a future date! I hope people are looking elsewhere for news articles besides the TV mainstream media. If you are, then you will also see the many stories of solidarity while the protesters are protesting and the looters are looting, we shouldn’t confuse the two! There are many many stories of peaceful unity, dancing, singing, silence on one knee, including many different police forces around the country joining in. George Floyd’s brother called for any violence to stop, telling people “lets do this a different way this time, your voice does matter so Vote, not just for the president, but for preliminaries, for everybody. Educate yourself, don’t wait for somebody else to tell you who’s who.” This is a powerful message as people can vote for individuals outside the political party circus, find out the true nature and beliefs about a candidate before placing your vote. There are many independent candidates who are there because of a strong belief in change and with good morals, supporting them will give a message, the more people move away from the main party’s and vote for ideology without corruption then change may eventually happen!

We can find stories of protesters and residents joining together to clean up the streets, bags of food to help those in need, donations given to poorer neighbours, residents opening up their doors and taking protesters in for the night as the police try to kettle them in and in the morning finding lawyers to help them. Police are kneeling, laying down batons and walking with protestors, clergy are backing away from association with anyone using the bible or religious concoctions, and so the beautiful stories go on. These many stories are heart warming as people join together in unity, keep these visions in your heart as we remember we are one species, all humans and one family living on this tiny dot in our universe. Crying out the word “Momma” as he laid dying felt like a sacred invocation to all the feminine out there, a universal word that pulls on the heartstrings of every mother. It also pulls on the emotions of every person hearing it, remembering our own cries out to our mothers. It is also the word used for our beautiful planet on which we all live, male or female we are all connected to the sacred feminine inside and many, both males and females, are feeling that enough is enough. Male based dominance and way of living hasn’t worked, it is not life giving, nourishing, protecting of all and it doesn’t share its abundance freely! Most now desire change to bring in some balance!

Day 80 – Today was the day I was to wander out to enjoy my long awaited treat in a cafe but with dark clouds and now rain it will have to wait, the term mañana is still easier to live by after these months in isolation! Russia declares a state of emergency after an oil spill in the Arctic Circle, President Putin for his part at least expressed anger after discovering officials only learnt about the incident two days after the event, televised he lambasted the head of the company over its response. “Why did government agencies only find out about this two days after the fact?” he asked the subsidiary’s chief, Sergei Lipin. “Are we going to learn about emergency situations from social media?” he has ordered an investigation into the accident and a manager at the power plant has since been detained. I personally don’t know whether he is angry at the spill itself or that it is becoming harder to hide these things with social media and people of all nations fighting for a cleaner environment. Immediately three criminal cases have also been launched against staff from the industrial plant on charges of land deterioration, water pollution, and violation of environment protection rules. I cant remember past similar events moving into criminal cases so quickly if at all, in my poor memory I remember investigations taking months or years with companies maybe getting fined eventually!

Staying with politics Spain’s Cabinet took the lead by approving a draft legislation with a new plastic-packaging tax, also it bans single-use items along with other environmental measures as part of an Ecological Transition encouraging the circular economy. The UK and Italy are thought to be planning similar measures so it is nice to report 2 stories which may have positive effects on the future decisions and actions taken by companies, are we finally moving in the right direction!

Natures health is a reflection of our Actions!

Day 81 – Today Friday 5th June is World Environment Day and the theme for 2020 is Biodiversity, this years recent events of brushfires in Brazil, United States, Russia and Australia, locust infestations across East Africa and now, a global disease pandemic demonstrate the interdependence of humans and the webs of life in which we all exist. Yesterdays news of the arctic oil spill polluting one of our few natural and clean spaces left on this planet brings home this issue once again. “Biodiversity is the foundation that supports all life on land and below water affecting every aspect of health, it provides clean air and water, nutritious foods, medicine sources and natural disease resistance”. Human actions, including deforestation, encroachment on wildlife habitats, intense agriculture, extensive mining, and the pollution from oil and chemical extracts has caused not only accelerated climate change, but has put an estimated million species ranging from bees to Black Rhinos in danger of extinction. Humans have pushed nature beyond its limits and it would take 1.6 Earths to sustain our present way of living and demands that we make of nature each year! We have known for many years that if we continued on this path, biodiversity loss would have severe implications for humanity’s food and health systems as well as the survival of other species. We founded Environmental groups, world organisations, educated in schools, created documentaries and we demonstrated! but here we are still crying out for change, maybe now is the time as we lay in crisis.

Tonight we also celebrate a full moon, I have a prime view from my bedroom balcony so I look forward to soaking up its beauty. There is also an eclipse happening tonight but I don’t think it will be visible in the Northern Hemisphere, maybe next time. Stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones including taking care of your mental health, if you can try to do something beautiful for our planet today, connect with nature to ground yourself even if the only thing possible is to feed your plants, be in gratitude of its Beauty and Diversity. 💜


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