As I am now embarking on my senior years I find myself fascinated by Watching the Mind Grow Old and questioning how much is age related, how much is our conditioned thinking towards aging and how much is simply a change of priorities. As we stand back from our once hectic lives we have the chance to become Wiser having space and time to “see the wood from the trees” .

“The Real Trick In Life Is To Turn Hindsight Into Foresight That reveals Insight” Robin Sharma

As we age our bodies can face a number of restrictions but we still have the choice to live the best life we can under any circumstance. Having worked with many elderly clients I witnessed two behaviour types: Those not embracing the aging proccess, making all around them suffer and those no matter what they endured, chose to be kind. Which would you want to be rembered for? It is a Choice!

On this site I am hoping to share some of these thoughts, ideas or debates with you and also write some articles on Health Issues, both Preventative and Coping with. I hope you will find some of these helpful!

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier”
Mother Teresa

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