CoronaVirus Lockdown

Lock Down Update Day 70 – 72

Day 70 and it feels like summer has arrived with a bang, after a few days of intense heat our homes have heated up much quicker than usual, only a week ago we had winter quilts on and jumpers inside, now we have all windows open and are struggling to keep cool. Of course for many this will feel worse as beaches are still closed except for a walk or paddle, no sunbathing or swimming and all swimming pools are still closed so many will be looking for these restrictions to be lifted if this heat keeps up. Outdoor sports are allowed if no contact and safe distance is kept so as it is Sunday, the sound of speedboats, jet skis and hand gliders echo around shattering the peace and silence of the day. It is lovely to hear the area coming back to life again but on the other hand with the pollution these activities create both environmentally and in noise levels I am thankful that at the moment there are only a privileged few taking up these sports. After visiting the port with its new found clear waters and fish and paddling the clear seas, I feel for the creatures that have flourished these last months and will now have to move further out to sea to distance from our activities. At least this years season will have a shorter impact from tourism which is not expected to start until July through to September, we have had more paddle boats introduced the last years so hopefully people will choose them rather than the raucous jet skis. It is amazing how loud the few around sound after our silent, peaceful last few months.

The blossoms of the trees are moving from lilac and reds to yellow and oranges with petals starting to line the streets. It will soon be time for the beautiful Mimosa tree to show its glorious bloom but we don’t have many left here, they aggravate many peoples allergies so they have been mainly replaced by these beauties over the years. Hopefully though I will catch one in bloom somewhere in the next month.

Day 71 – We awoke yet again to another noisy day as all the overgrowth is being chopped down, this is of course for safety measures with the heat arriving as we will soon face the risk of fires, all our beautiful thistles and wild plants will be gone by tomorrow. I feel if humanity were more careful and respectful then we wouldn’t need to chop down these beautiful areas until they start to die off naturally in the heat. It would help to accommodate the insect population and maybe protect our home plants from infestations as they would have a natural diverse flora to host them.

I love diversity and all those who choose to be different and to be themselves, so of course when I saw this article titled “This May Be The Only Penguin Of Its Kind On The Planet” I had to share! The Picture of the completely black penguin was Captured by BBC camera crews working on the phenomenal wildlife series Dynasties.

Could this be the black sheep of the family?

From the Wildlife series Dynasties

Day 72 – I found it amusing to hear that Twitter has put a fact checker on President Trumps tweets, and even more amusing to see that he replied with a statement saying the social media giant “is completely stifling free speech” and vowing to take action. It seems nobody is exempt from interference to the right to free speech which seems to have been happening lately, and Mr Trump himself has been an advocator in calling others out as Fake News. A health page I have followed for years on FB got closed because they had an article questioning the safety of vaccines, I feel this is a sad loss as it was a treasure trove of useful advice and information with articles that looked at both the safety or side effects of taking supplements, herbs or natural medicines as well ones that praised them. Having all sides of information covered leads to a balanced and informed decision or choice when embarking on a healing journey.

Going back to the article above all this shows me is that we can trust nothing as being true anymore, when there is no free speech all we are left with is mind control. At least with free speech we are individually able to decide what feels true to us even if we get confused as to what the truth may be, oppression on the other hand can lead to frustrations, mistrust of those in control of information and in some cases anger. More and more people are now switching off their TVs and social media all of which used to be platforms for entertainment, but now they seem to be political or info war zones, or maybe we are missing the point and should still only be looking at it as entertainment and part of the pantomime! Lets keep positive with a video to cheer us up of the rarest penguin on earth from yesterdays update.

I had a beautiful walk today to the health shop and noticed the public gardeners have been busy at work locally planting more trees, the town set a target a couple of years ago to plant as many trees as possible in the area to help balance the ecological effects of tourism and the extra emissions. Also many native trees were cut down in years past to facilitate the building of accommodation, so the mayor hopes to counter balance this destruction. I have to say the town is becoming beautiful once again as the last couple of years they planted many larger matured trees to kick start the project. In a few years when all the younger trees have matured there should be shade in every street which in turn will bring the general temperature down in the months of unbearable summer heat.

I am now topped up with Omega’s, vitamins, teas and many oils to mix up to keep my extremely dry skin from shrivelling up completely during these coming hot dry months. I also bought my first ever real sunglasses! I do have a cheap pair in the car in case I need them when the sun is blindingly low, besides that I have never worn them. I do seem to be doing a lot of firsts in my older years. many of which people accept as normal or essential for daily life! All that is left to say is that I hope you all stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones including taking care of your mental health💜

Newly planted Trees and established blossoms giving shade


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