CoronaVirus Lockdown

Lock Down Update Day 97 – 99

Day 97 was spent chilling and enjoying many online events celebrating the Summer Solstice, especially watching the live cam both last night for sunset and this mornings sunrise at Stonehenge. Of course this was the first time I had been witness to this famous event and was blessed to be able to witness it, even though there was no sun to be seen as it hid behind the clouds. So far today everything has jumped out at me and flowed thank goodness, as the choice of celebrations was stressing me with too many decisions to make, I enjoyed 3 hours of PachaMama Live songs (Canta Com Amor 2020) which were all bright and cheerful. I then went on to watch Peter Pan the musical which aired for 48 hrs adding to the theme of music and cheer. Finally doing a session of Qigong followed by a talk by an Ecuadorian Shaman Kurikindi whom I didn’t know was offering a talk and ceremony. While in London during lock down an oil spill has occurred in the Ecuadorian Rain Forest effecting his family and tribes along the Coca and Napo rivers which run through the jungle, he has been asking for donations to help his family and other fellow tribesmen. The rivers are the primary source of water for washing, cooking and drinking, for fish to eat, and a means of transportation for the indigenous people. As a result of the broken pipeline, the waters are now thick with oil, which is bringing ill health and toxicity to the land and the people.

I always feel blessed when things just come to you while your searching for something else and I hope the rest of my day flows so freely keeping the mood of celebration and grattitude.

Kurikindi of the Kichwa People, Ecuador

Day 98 saw my day start with a visit from my son wanting to check his arm before heading for a doctors appointment, he had hurt his elbow last week and still finds his hand and fingers numb and tingling. I am honoured he still choose to see me first as he is isn’t a fan of natural treatments first, so thankfully I did manage to find the problem and advise him how to take care the next few days but seek medical help if it doesn’t improve over the coming days. The down side was that because of his injury he wasn’t able to help move my 3 single mattresses and 2 bases to the rubbish for collection. Oh well I guess after my other son informed me they are too heavy and doesn’t want an injury as he has to work, I guess I will have to pay somebody to come and carry them for me. A few years ago I would have done it myself so it feels so frustrating but they cant sit in my living room forever!

Some news clips : A woman has hatched duckings from eggs bought in a supermarket! I wasn’t even aware that fertilised eggs could be a possibility when purchasing them. Scientists have called for more research into the animals susceptible to Covid-19, including pet cats and dogs, for fear they could re-infect human populations who have fought to control the disease. 10,000 farmed minks were destroyed in the Netherlands last month due to fears they had spread the disease to people. Again my ignorance shows as I wasn’t aware that the West still had fur farms! Twitter has flagged a video tweeted by Donald Trump, which contained a fake CNN news segment about a “racist baby”, adding a warning label that the post contained manipulated media, the video, had been doctored! UK may ‘temporarily’ stop linking pensions to rising wages

Duckings hatched from Waitrose Eggs

Day 99 – Yesterday European border restrictions were lifted meaning that our first tourists started arriving, Spain announced it will not quarantine UK visitors but they will need to still quarantine on arrival back in the UK under UK government laws. It seems a bit silly that they will be allowed to come here where we now have so few cases without any quarantine but need to do so on return from a low infectious area!

Yesterday 22cnd was also World Rainforest Day which seemed to slip by without much attention by the media, of course there were a few although not many Environmental groups who brought attention to the day. With so much going on in our world we must not forget what is happening there and sit back to allow its destruction especially in Brazil where its destruction has risen over 50% this year alone and Brazil’s space research agency say the area destroyed in April was 64% bigger than in the same period last year. Let us not forget the pollution from mining companies too and the recent oil leak in Ecuador.

Tonight is San Juan which marks the end of the solstice, probably one of my favourite nights of the summer and one that I have rarely missed over my years in Spain. This is part of a statement announced by the Council today “Local Police will intensify surveillance throughout the coastline, especially on the busiest beaches such as La Rada or El Cristo. This reinforcement of surveillance will also extend throughout the boardwalk and coastal corridor. In addition, police officers will inform citizens about banning of San Juan beach celebrations.
This will avoid agglomerations or concentrations of people who could risk the health of attendees and the rest of citizenship. Following the recommendations of the health authorities, the City Council decided to cancel all activities and parties planned to celebrate the arrival of summer aimed at preventing the spread of the virus”. Ok we get it, but have they forgotten that the beaches are now full during the day and will soon be packed as tourists arrive daily?

Oh well I will just have to celebrate with a candle instead of fires and water instead of the sea. Traditionally you make wishes at midnight, writing down your wishes for the months ahead and the things that you want to say goodbye to, then burn them in the bonfire symbolising liberation from the past and hope for the future. After that, many run into the sea at midnight picturing those wishes coming true, some collect the seawater to take home and sprinkle around the walls for purification and cleansing.

As I leave to go write my 2 lists ready for midnight I ask that you stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones including taking care of your mental health. It is always healthy to write your troubles and negative feelings down, it helps you let them go, even better when you burn them afterwards, the ritual of San Juan is healthy at any time of the year! 💜


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