Life After Lock Down

Life after Lock Down Day 119- 121

Day 119 starts a new week, the brain seems to have fallen asleep again, maybe its not trying to think of my daughter arriving until it happens, protecting my emotions. In March when we went into lock down and her visit cancelled, emotions ran high as did another time when she missed her flight and didn’t get here for months later. It is easy to be philosophical about these kinds of circumstances but in fact deep below your outer cool demeanour those emotions are running wild whether you acknowledge them or not. You can sit with them in acknowledgement and sink to the places they take you, working through them or you shove them under a carpet and carry on until they catch up with you. So today my mind is saying that it wants to think of her arriving, emotions reminding me what if it doesn’t happen? and some other part of me not allowing either a voice saying don’t think of it at all, go with the flow! It can be strange and enlightening what we discover when we assess our behaviour, mind and emotions in the moment.

At least I have achieved a few things I wanted to do today including writing this so maybe later I can relax and assess properly what is going on inside my head. It is a stroke of luck that I had booked a window cleaner to arrive on Friday, pure coincidence that my windows will be clean for my guests arriving, this I have never done before having always cleaned them myself. I decided after my last epic that enough is enough, I am too old for this in an apartment hanging out to clean them, or lifting them out completely of which they are heavy. I will enjoy watching somebody else doing them for me, this will of course be another first, I enjoy in my elder years witnessing firsts and my own reactions to them.

After a beautiful long conversation just now with my daughter, her boyfriend and Alex a good friend of hers who I haven’t seen for a while now, the spirits are lifted once again although flights are not being booked until the weekend, to make sure the borders don’t close before now and then! We are seeing news like this “Magaluf residents’ fury as drunk British holidaymakers ‘wear no masks’ and ‘jump on cars. The Spanish really are not happy about the Brits being back, after speaking to locals they feel it makes the 3 months in one of the strictest lock downs in Europe and the gentle easing back to normal, all seem like a waste of time. A resurgence at this time through stupidity and lack of respect for others is bringing anger to the Spanish, with many calling to ban the British!

I hadn’t seen my cat all day and became increasingly worried that she had fallen out of a window or off the balcony, the only reason for this would be if her instincts took over her common sense and she went after a bird! I searched all her hiding places and by this evening I really started to have concern, maybe she is ill and hid somewhere or maybe she is somewhere she is really not allowed so staying put until she needs to come out for food or litter tray etc. Finally she was found out hiding in my massage room laying on the paper bed covers! As a kitten she used to play with the used paper after clients left, one of her favourite activities, she didn’t’ like cat toys but she liked paper! Because of this she was barred from entering the towel and paper shelves and she still knows it is a no no place for her. Well there she was, refusing to look at me waiting to be told off and sent out, I didn’t actually, I let her stay there as I don’t have clients any more just family and friends and I was so relieved and happy to see her!

Caught out!

Day 120 and after nearly 2 weeks now of a chesty on and off cough and slight rattle in the throat at times, which I put down to asthma and allergies, I woke with a real sore throat and I thought I was coming down with something. Luckily no temperature and it has worn off as the morning progressed. I really don’t want a reason for my family not to visit!

I saw this article and wondered if this is really true “Although profanity has long been associated with anger and coarseness, a team from the Maastricht University in Netherlands, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Stanford and the University of Cambridge determined that people who swear are less likely to be associated with lying and deception! Swearing is often used to express unfiltered feelings and sincerity, those who swear often come across truthful. “Swearing is often inappropriate but it can also be evidence that someone is telling you their honest opinion, they aren’t filtering their language to be more palatable, they’re also not filtering their views.” Of course I think of my own language, and yes I do swear more when I get passionate about something, usually when my emotions run high, especially if I am frustrated or upset believing something is common sense for example the debates around man made climate change. I believe it doesn’t matter which side you are on and that pollution and destruction needs to stop anyway, to stop poisoning ourselves, our food chains and our planet.

It is frustrating that each day corona is bombarding us everywhere we look, it takes over all news reports, it has flashing boxes for updates on many social media sites and it seems to have taken control of our minds. I was sad to see that I had missed news of World Chocolate day which came and went, I found out by email from WWF after the event, this happened with World Rainforest day too, well actually I found out the day before. These important awareness days used to have a run up to them to actually do what they say, bring awareness, now they seem to have taken a back seat and are thrown in as an after thought and too late. I am seriously starting to wonder if the virus is like a computer virus, slowly infiltrating and infecting every part of our brains/hard drives, will we eventually be brain washed!

Getting back to Chocolate day, this article shows Ecuador leading the way in sustainability, the indigenous Kichwa hand pick the beans before fermenting and drying them in preparation for the production of high-quality chocolate, known locally as black gold! I have actually tasted some of this black gold and it is delicious, my daughter spent a month in the jungle with some of the Kichwa people and this was the gift she brought home. These people are becoming a beacon for other indigenous people, with many managing to survive amid corrupt governments and ensuing oil corporations. Unfortunately Brazilian tribes don’t seem to be fairing so well with news that deforestation soars as the worlds eyes are turned away.

Kichwa Dreams, Black Gold

Day 121 and no sore throat thank goodness, so another trip to the market, how the week passes! Today they had organised it better, we now had 2 veg stalls at our end, not the ones I like but they were there. We now have plants and a lot more spaces taken, so I actually didn’t get my walk as I purchased pretty much immediately and walked home without the long haul uphill! It’s that abundant time of year again full of summer fruits including fresh figs, next week when my daughter arrives as a fruit lover she will love this abundance. On arriving back this article on pickled capers found me, I had no idea they were so healthy, so they will go on my list for next week at the fresh olive and pickle stall.

Starting today we are back to compulsory face masks at all times with a fine for not complying, this comes after the influx of tourists not wearing them leading to locals following suit. This is disappointing for those who work all day, now having to wear a mask even walking to the car or going to sit on the quiet beaches after 10 pm for some fresh air. I cannot imagine what it feels like to have to wear one 8 to 10 hrs. a day, and those poor hospital staff with all the gear on. Although a nurse told me that she doesn’t feel as restricted in the cooler hospital seeing ill people around as she does walking the dog in a quiet area in the heat and not enjoying breathing freely without one!

Banksy has joined in the wearing a mask debate coming out on the “wear them” side. I am not sure where I stand, I do wear mine, but is it that I am afraid of a fine? I am happy to wear it when in busy shops or streets but not so when I am walking around where there is more than 2 mtr distancing, sometimes I can walk to the rubbish bins and quickly around the small park and not pass one person. I watch the bolshy and sometimes selfish or arrogant arguments of the refuse to wear one clan, even today there were a few around, some obviously had a medical reason for exemption but there were a few guys walking around in complete defiance staring at people after deliberately standing too close making them feel intimidated. Were they looking for somebody to tell them the new ruling starts today so they could start an argument! I wasn’t the only one to notice them and they didn’t look like pick pockets, even posts from this side all seem to come from a place of anger and insulting those who do wear them. Obviously I have seen a few of the agree side acting holier than thou too, in their attitude and attacking those without, even reporting to the police before the new ruling of everywhere outdoors came into being this morning.

Common sense seems to be having a hard time finding its place post lock down in many countries, or has this always been the case? If Boundaries or respect for other people were in place within each of us, many of these dualities would vanish, I have no problem with those that wear or do not wear a mask but I do have a problem with those that don’t, getting so close. But this would be no different if somebody had a cold or flu before this pandemic, I would silently question why they would be in a confined space or queueing stood so close to me coughing or sneezing around. There seems to be a reason for everybody to find anger emerging daily, circumstances even seem timed to keep divisiveness or anger rolling. Some English friends are not annoyed at the UK new ruling of masks in shops coming into effect in 2 weeks, they are annoyed at the stupidity of waiting the 2 weeks now the decision has been made!

Hoping common sense and respect for others makes a come back, I leave with a wish that you stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones including taking care of your mental health. Remember that when crazy is everywhere around you, it doesn’t need to find its way inside you, keep in balance, make your choices and be at peace with them 💜


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