Life After Lock Down

Life after Lock Down. Day 103 – 106

It is being reported that Spanish virologists may have found traces of COVID-19 in sample waste water collected in Barcelona in March of last year, although traces were low they were positive. Of course there could be error in the findings so the papers have been sent on for peer review and hopefully more research. Also sewage samples taken in Italy suggests the virus may have around as early as December 19 with France having similar results from old sputum samples taken in December last year. Research further down the line may prove that the blame game of Chinas Live Markets or the leaking of the virus from a lab in the area is untrue. If proven then this would be another lesson in that facts are not always what they seem to be, and we should hold judgement and work together to get to the bottom of things not blame each other politically or media wise.

Our weather suddenly went up a notch yesterday (Friday) to the new normal for the next couple of months, this morning the summer duvet was stored, blinds came down to stop the morning sun entering the windows and patio doors and I now sit here exhausted after only half an hour cleaning. I did sleep well on my new bed though, only broken by a rising temperatures as we approach what is predicted to be record breaking heat this summer. Some other record breaking weather related statistics have emerged, a phenomenal lightning strike split the sky in Brazil in 2018 setting the new world record for the longest lightning bolt reaching 709 kilometers (440 miles) long. The record for the longest duration of a lightning flash got smashed too, by a 16.7-second-long “megaflash” that occurred over northern Argentina on March 4 2019, both these new records nearly double the previous records. I do feel that somewhere in these many recent posts I already covered this, but for some reason it is being shown as recent news yet again!


Sunday 28th June and it feels like a normal summer, I met a few families arriving yesterday while out for a brief walk looking excited to be here after their long isolations period. Whole families from around Spain arrived and were unpacking their cars of the many suitcases they brought with them. The families were all wearing face masks in the 35 degree upwards heat which for most has become the norm in Spain, one old lady was quite annoyed at me for not wearing mine which was around my arm. I did however put it on while stopping to say hello, I explained that usually taking rubbish out and a brief walk I didn’t encounter anybody as it has been so quiet around here, but I do when I enter the town with busier streets. I felt myself emotionally reacting inside and had to stop, breathe and smile, those initial reactions were; how dare you lol, our area stuck to all restrictions and got our levels under control before any area in the country, now you arrive here from your still high infectious area and tell us to wear a mask walking outside our homes where we keep a good safe distance of more than 2 mtrs not huddle together so we don’t need to wear them at all times blah blah blah. Anyway I did manage to get under control and wish them a happy stay. This happens most years I guess as holiday makers take over, roads become jammed, and noise goes on all night, we do harbour an underlying grudge about visitors attitudes and breathe a sigh of relief in September when the bulk leave and we are left with a different kinder breed of tourist.

Holiday makers are often rude to hotel or restaurant staff, behaving differently to what they would normally or at home with appearances or reputations to keep. They have paid to be here, mainly drink too much and often, away from their neighbours and friends their darker side comes out as they claim their right to good service, nurse hangovers, cope with sunburn and demand to be pampered. Workers often have to deal with verbal abuse and complete disrespect while many are working long hours on the basic wage or in many cases below this. Although this gives them employment, home rental is difficult to find at a price they can afford taking up the bulk of their wages. So working excessive hours in heat, and taking abuse they then give most of their hard earned cash to property owners and investors. Finding a home to rent on a working wage is a huge problem whatever time of year but in the summer months, many are blackmailed into paying more during the holiday season or moving out and finding somewhere else!

Whatever the arguments or emotions on the subject that started to arise by being told off by somebody a few minutes of after they arrived, I was just pleased how quickly I did stop my emotions taking over and managed a smile. I then carried on to enjoy my brief walk around our green area without a mask where I didn’t bump into another soul, talking to the trees plants and birds I didn’t give it another thought until I sat down to write this today after hearing the noise outside.

Talking of trees I came across this article, the holy ordination of trees in Cambodia’s emerging network of “ecology monks” which originated in Thailand. Forest activism is seen as a threat to the government, meetings are often shut down, so to motivate, and get the local community on board, Chantal Elkin, a program manager for The Alliance of Religions and Conservation says “Everybody takes part in it and feels some ownership, and that’s a way to connect their religious beliefs and values to nature.” Of course it is at ground roots that conservation happens not governments, good luck Cambodia it seems to have worked in parts in Thailand.

Monday 29th and a new week ahead, I am quite pleased with myself as I work hard each day to not let my emotions run away with me. After many years going into deeply feeling them and trying to see where they stem from, feeling how my body is affected by them and finding a balance, I now find I am just letting them pass with awareness, working on boundaries of how deep I go and not falling into suffering. I don’t want to go into those heavier spaces any more at least for now, I have decided I like the lightness without them. This is of course hard to keep up with and has probably always been the case having felt emotions so deeply, but I was stronger then and now I feel them more of a burden for my body to carry. This weekend, feeling disappointment and frustration again at the lack of progress I and others my generation have made in our life time, I was tested to use control again. Brought up by watching an interview with Deepak Chopra, I saw the same frustrations in his expressions and voice. If you have seen him speak before then you will know he is always such a calm intelligent person but for the first time I saw him show his feelings below his usual professional manner. Maybe it was my own reflection I saw, but I could feel deeply what he was trying to say calmly. He has of course worked with many powers that be and organisations trying to move us forward towards a sustainable future for many years, so his frustrations are more justified than most. He does however also talk of how he thinks we can move forward, which helped bring balance back again.

This was followed by stories seeming to show there is no hope with humanities stupidity, 2 animal articles left me struggling to let go of my frustrations that we achieved nothing after believing education would be the key to a change of attitude. We find stories like these leaving less hope in our hearts, but of course I needed to remember these actions are few compared to the many beautiful stories that we don’t hear of mainstream. Also people are struggling especially younger people, with what is happening right now in our world and worry about their futures, many feel there is no hope so we need to expect peoples adverse reactions as they struggle to cope.

In the first article the RSPCA has reminded pet owners to ensure their animals are safe after a family took a kitten on a 200 mile trip to Bournemouth beach on the hottest day of the year! Wow being a cat owner I cant imagine the stress on the kitten. Along with reports of overcrowded beaches and debates online of whether the beaches were in fact full or fake news, I struggled with finding compassion for the stupidity of some. The second article is pure animal cruelty, I had seen another story of swans a week or so ago where one died heartbroken after somebody smashed its eggs with bricks and now I found this, or should I say this found me “The RSPCA is appealing for information after a woman allegedly kicked out at a pair of mating swans and an intervening onlooker was pushed into a canal”.

So despite the last few days emotional as well as personal family triggers I have managed to keep freeing my body and mind, and it felt good. I didn’t ignore the feelings or problems I just refused to let them take over my peace within completely. This I feel is my urgent and necessary mode of action to master, staying balanced whilst chaos is all around, the world cannot become a better place if we react emotionally and reactionarily, so as always it starts with me! We need to keep calm in a world of chaos to create stability, those not coping with their emotions these coming years may find it difficult so we need to stand firm. To anchor where we are going and what we want to see, not fall into the abyss, getting lost in ourselves, we need to have understanding and compassion, not react back fuelling those energies, we need to master our own emotional boundaries moving forward.

Suddenly my beautiful cat has started following me around again, although she still wont be picked up. After the last month seeking out the coolest spots while she acclimatises to the heat, here she is again on my massage bed behind me laid wherever I am just chilling and trying to stay cool. As always please stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones including taking care of your mental health no matter how trying it may be 💜


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