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Lock Down Update Day 60 – 61

Day 60 – Face masks seem to be at the forefront of discussions at the moment and looking at news reports I hadn’t considered how complicated this subject is, the government is trying to decide if they should be made compulsory outdoors along with there now obligatory use on public transport. Besides the scientific different reports on whether they are effective or not, statements in the debate include “while it is aimed at reducing risks this is acceptable, but not everyone can use them in the same way, and not everyone can wear them for a long time. There are probably no problems if it is for a few minutes on the Metro or on the bus, but more time can create problems for people with anxiety, chronic pulmonary obstructive disease or any major respiratory restriction, as well as for younger children” Hygienic or surgical masks (PPE) are being recommended, but experts say that “unless people have had training, they wear these masks incorrectly.” Despite this, the Madrid regional government is this week distributing millions of FPP2 masks to the general public for free. Andalusia, Madrid and Murcia are more keen to widen the recommendations for the use of masks, making them compulsory in order to pass from Phase 0 to Phase 1 of the government’s de-escalation program. “There is scientific debate on the subject, but there is no consensus about what might be best, there are also contraindications such as the false sense of security, or that we touch our face more, so I think that we have to focus more on physical distance.” No doubt we will soon find out what they decide, but I do hope my cloth ones will still be acceptable!

As the first flights start to role out for those that have justification to travel connecting the Spanish mainland with the Canary and Balearic island, passengers have put in complaints with the plane found to be flying in excess of 70% of its capacity and safe distancing was not being observed between passengers. That said, the regulations are not clear about flights and Iberia Express claim that the flight met all safety requirements. It seems there maybe a long way to go before flights can resume to normal. At the same time the government has just introduced a 14 day quarantine period for anybody entering Spain, dashing any hopes for the tourism industry to recover this season.

Of course this stirs up more sadness and emotional turmoil on a personal level, after looking forward to seeing my daughter in early March, a few days before her due arrival and in the height of fear everybody was fed, we decided it was best to wait. Travelling by plane on an enclosed space, all my children were worried incase the virus was passed to me and my weak respiratory system. It was a good decision as it turned out as we went into lock down in the time frame she would have been here. This doesn’t take away the deep sadness and disappointment we felt but we got through on the thought “when this is all over”! Now it feels so long ago and with each day that passes like an eternity to go. I now have to find a way to accept it may not be until July, August or later as we see talks of possibly opening up borders between European countries from July but with the UK excluded.

Day 61 – An amazing surprise for a lady who recovered from the virus, Mili América Antelo took ill and needed treatment for severe respiratory failure and had to have a caesarean section at week 28 giving birth to twins. When she woke up alone in hospital she wondered why her husband wasn’t by her side but remembered nothing about her 11 days in an intensive care unit (ICU) and nothing about her pregnancy or the delivery of her twin daughters who were put directly into incubators. Four doctors came into her room and asked, ‘Do you know you have given birth?’ What birth? What girls?” She replied. Doctors say that “It’s the result of being sedated for 21 days, with very powerful drugs, She has become disoriented and has no short-term memory, a period of disorientation is common after the sedation wears off. Between 25% and 30% of patients suffer from it but it improves after a few days. What is more striking is the amnesia prior to admission. A small lesion was detected on the magnetic resonance which was classified as a possible stroke, but I’m not sure that this could interfere with memory.” Can you imagine waking up to this! Apparently she is improving and seeing her daughters daily although they cant leave hospital yet but she is still forgetful and not remembering everything. It must feel like a little miracle happened while she slept!

With so much time on hand you would think that I could be more organised but no, I find myself with this news article saved from last week to share but I had another interesting one on the subject of UFO’s saved too, which I simply cannot find anywhere or more worrying I cant remember what it was about! So for now enjoy this article of which the Pentagon said it released the footage “to clear up any misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage that has been circulating was real or whether or not there is more to the videos” This will add to the legitimacy of the videos and will spur more speculation that humans have recently interacted with extraterrestrials. These de classifications and releases are becoming more common by authorities, so it does make you wonder if we are finally being prepared for their existence! Time will tell, and if so then many people around the world including indigenous peoples will not be surprised as there are many ancient scripts and drawings depicting their existence and part of many ancient beliefs.

Not writing things down and only keeping mental notes is proving more difficult in my elder years as at the beginning of the year many astrologers and elders predicted this year as being some sort of change through big events or circumstances. In hindsight we now know what the first event was but the second is to come, if my memory is correct I think they said this would happen around October. I guess now I add the possibility of UFO and extraterrestrials into my list of infinite possibilities that could happen! I do hope we get to have a little mental and emotional break between now and then!

Stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones including taking care of your mental health, find what is important, be kind to yourself and others and stay in your own truth 💜

With UFO videos being released by by the Pentagon are we getting closer to a disclosure!

Image by Peter Lomas from Pixabay

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