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Lock Down Update Day 54/55

Having enjoyed my little experiment to do a daily blog it is now time to ease off and only do updates, in 3 days we will be allowed to visit friends and family in the same province (to be confirmed depending on new cases). These hours of writing have been fun, helped me keep some semblance of sanity, helped me to clarify some of my own thoughts and writing about news articles or the parts of our society that trigger me, I have felt better. Not that I forget the triggers but it has allowed me to “get it out” of the system, leave it behind and get on with the day without them festering inside all day. For this I am truly thankful and although these posts are public and I know that nobody really reads them, it has made me think deeply to assess if these feelings are mine, important or real. We are all capable of tricking ourselves so I needed to know that they were authentic thoughts and feelings especially on the off chance anybody did see them. From now on I shall only write a little each day without the pressure to finish or post daily, this way I can start focusing more on other things I wish to do too, and come out of my PJ state of mind I have had whilst being locked down. I can also go back to the many blog titles I have started and not finished referencing either health, massage or just the trials, tribulations and the inner beauty of growing old once again.

I have seen a few reports lately on polio cases rising, this raises the question of vaccinations, after having virtually wiped out the virus it has mutated from a strain of vaccine. It feels worrying that global corporations such as the Bill Gates Foundation are persistently trying to genetically change life around us “clever genetic wizardry based on decades of study of the poliovirus’s biology to redesign the vaccine to ensure that is incapable of re-evolving with virulence”. Playing God has never worked for humanity, all life will evolve for it’s survival, if we do manage to destroy one virus rather than find immunity to it, or as in the case of the plague live alongside it, then another will take its place and the natural order will be destroyed. We see this in our ecological systems too when one pest, animal or plant is taken away we end up with another becoming virulent often at the expense of destroying the natural balance.

Talking of viruses it has been discovered that our current one now famous for closing down most of the world, its economy and our freedom has been around longer than we thought. French scientists have taken some old samples from people who had pneumonia symptoms late last year but tested negative to pneumonia, now testing them for Corona they are found to be positive. WHO has now asked for more testing on samples taken last year to see how far our new virus goes back, as you can see it was already in France in December. This poses the question yet again of how many people have actually had the virus? myself included along with others I know did have the odd blood stained mucus as stated in the article, but doctors appointments were impossible to get at the height of what we assumed was flu season. After so much talk and promises of immunity tests earlier on that never materialised, it would seem the vast amount of research for a vaccine would hinder profits if we found that a large percentage of the population had already been infected and had immunity.

Most of the serious cases have been seen in those with a weak immune system, I wonder if it’s not so much a deadly virus as much as it is our own health that can be so depleted and compromised. Myself and many others have been left with low immune defences at times after periods of high stress, so it would be interesting to know if those not showing heart conditions, cancer etc. that seem to have suffered critically had weaker immune defences caused by pollutions, junk food, lack of nutrition or stress, maybe it will have been recorded somewhere, to surface sometime in the future.

Lets move on, there are many videos popping up aimed at change, they all seem to make a point that after the shock and worries we felt collectively in isolation we haven’t really missed as much as we thought. We can live a better stress free life with more time for ourselves, working less hours and share essential work between us to keep the necessary going. Is it now time to l eave the perpetual growth cycle that was demanded of us? nothing is as precious as time and maybe we have just re discovered it, here’s a short video called “The Great Pause”, calling for us to keep our new found slower existence and not to get back on the hamster wheel!

Another fascinating video to watch issued by the National Geographic is of blooming flowers, in this speeding up of the process you can see that they all seem to have their own magical dance going on whilst doing so. There are many more much longer videos to watch if you find yourself mesmerised by these dances, easy to search for and accompanied by soothing music to give a relaxing and calming experience.

I have just come back from my morning walk along a new walkway that was finished at the end of last year, these walkways are expanding each year to eventually connect the whole coastline where you will be able to walk as a trek taking a few days to a week. It was my first time along this stretch and I was surprised to see the Turkey and Chicken pens still there. It was a beautiful walk with wooden bridges and the path was concrete made to look like wood, all keeping a natural feel to the environment, but because of the 1 hr time limit I did find myself walking faster than usual. As I moved I became aware of the quote by Thích Nhất Hạnh “We have to walk in a way that we only print peace and serenity on the Earth, Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet”. Rushing back home I also remembered I had once read that rushing or running through nature puts heaviness and stress into the earths heartbeat, feeling guilty and seeing the police out in force checking on people as we swapped age time zones, I carried back home up hill wondering about the stress on my own heart too after months of no exercise.

I got home exhausted knowing I had many other things I wanted to do today, “Stop” I told myself, “don’t bring back the old stresses and do what you can, if you can’t do everything then be at peace for the sake of your immune system” Tomorrow is a new day I thought, then realised that after all these years living in Spain I actually finally understood the “mañana” syndrome! Please stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones including taking care of your mental health 💜


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