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Growing Old – Easing Lock Down.53

Another beautiful day and a gentle walk around the neighbourhood has lifted the spirits a little, the sight of flowers, trees, sea, and wild nature always energises. Today I walked past some grasses where without gardeners working, had grown wild in places with many being taller than myself! I also found some low spreading flowering succulent looking plants, which years ago could be seen everywhere in Spain, they held the soil together whilst needing little water in the hot months, for years now they have been taken out and replaced with other flowers needing immense amounts of water to sustain.

I said lifting the spirits a little because the sadness that has been appearing whilst enjoying my hour of freedom for the last few days rose again. I understand that most of us have suffered some kind of mental health issues to some degree or another during these months, maybe confusion of who we are, what we find important, where we want to go, or what we want to see in ourselves and the world around us. It seems to be a common denominator amongst us along with our issues around who we can trust especially regarding authority. Many people are feeling that in the next months power grabs or fighting to hold onto power will surface emerging for all to see, meanwhile we may be left looking on wondering why the fight is not to better the whole but only to better themselves. We can see this already happening as leaders are throwing blame around for our crisis or handling of the crisis, each trying to knock each other down whilst trying to hold onto or take over control. Very little is seen in the way of joint effort, working together to learn any lessons without blame so we can avoid similar problems in the future, or facing root causes of problems in unity.

On today’s walk I was disappointed to see many more cars on the roads, this wasn’t supposed to happen for another 6 days but the noise pollution ringing out from the commercial vehicles of trucks, diggers and building workers was terrible. Being more sensitive to noise after our peaceful break it was obvious that even one truck overwhelmed the cars around, also being naturally sensitive to smell, more so now with cleaner air, the fumes of each commercial vehicle made me want to cover my mouth and nose to not breathe it in. I have seen a few articles lately stating the main reason for pollution dropping has been less cars for work and travel, there is always talk of restricting travel or making people feel guilty for travel and I agree totally that we have a pollution problem that cars greatly add to. UK government stated yesterday that one user cars and enforcing things like compulsory insulation in homes etc. would be looked at after claiming pollution has dropped by a third. There was however no mention of commercial vehicles or machinery, nor looking at affordable alternatives for travel or the other 2/3 of the problem. No, as always the blame seemed to be pointed at ordinary citizens for travelling by car and not using the sometimes extortionately priced other methods of travel and not spending more to insulate there homes of which many will be relatively new homes that should have had it installed on construction! Some train fares can be more expensive than flights, I looked at a trip to Barcelona not long back, besides one train a day at around 100 euros return taking a few hours, all the rest were 2-300 euros one way and some took over 12 hrs!! So commerce and profits win yet again, just like the cheapest additives and chemicals used in food, pesticides or in products with no concern for safety, effects on ecology or the physical body. Many chemicals used are ways to use up waste from other industrial processes “by products”, making them a cheaper option to buy hence larger profits.

So of course again the masses are told to cut back on travel or spend more, whilst industry and its many crimes against humanity and our ecosystem carry on as normal. At the end of the day people only buy what is manufactured and offered, they place trust in these companies, as we look back and find that additives that have been banned in foods, banned pesticides, CFCs in aerosols etc. were only stopped because of public awareness then consumer pressure to not purchase. We see a similar situation now happening in the insane amount of hidden sweeteners within most things, the problem was never peoples consumption but the companies and manufactures that used these poisons, weighing collateral damage with profits whilst the public placed so much trust in the companies. We can also see this happening before our eyes with all the talk of rushing through a vaccine without its necessary years of testing, the issue isn’t about safety its about an opportune moment right now for vast profits, yes profits always win. I will have to check the plaque on the statue in the photo below that I looked down on this morning for its meaning or representation of, all art hold s meaning or is seen differently by each person but for me all it represented was a showing or leading a child into his world, the man looks caring, friendly and proud to lead the child forth into something beautiful. With the noise echoing and the diesel fumes still lingering in my hyper sensitive state the statue seemed to echo the indigenous peoples 7th Generation principle: To live by this principle, one would ask, prior to any undertaking, how it will affect the land, water, air, animals, birds, plants and the future for our children seven generations into the future? Their generation is usually thought of as a 100 years not 25 like western thought, also the proverb We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children sprung to mind.

Meanwhile the crisis is still in motion and all the talk of “our NHS” being so precious runs high, so what better time to go underhand when nobody would suspect that our NHS would be transferred to Private companies! With that out of the way lets move on to a couple of nicer or interesting news articles I have collected over the days. Scientists report that 2 years ago in Argentina a ferocious storm over Argentina produced the world’s largest hailstone, about the size of a football.

I don’t know if this is true for all trees but “tree sexism” maybe one of the causes for the rising amount of allergies people are experiencing. Male trees produce and release pollen into the air in order to fertilize female trees which don’t produce pollen, because male trees are less messy than the female trees, not shedding seeds, fruits, and pods it has been favoured in urban planting. Looking into it further I saw that some areas have laws preventing the planting of Female trees to save cleaning the streets. Yet another case without foresight, to save money at the expense of people or natures balance, believing we can control nature and make it work around us.

A Drone Discovers Stunning Glacier Scene Hidden In The Himalayas, himalayas glacier, our world is full of hidden secrets yet to be discovered although this one is a melting Glacier.

I will leave you with a video of what is thought to be One of the Most Relaxing Places on Earth a lavender labrynth in Michigan, whether you love or hate Lavender, as an aromatherapist I can honestly say that it will relax you, unless of course it triggers a bad memory. Being inside a labrynth is also relaxing with its magical and mysterious energies so together with the plant its effects will be doubled. Please stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones including taking care of your mental health, relax when you can, soak in nature if you can and keep dreaming in the world you would love to see 💜


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