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Growing Old – Easing Lock Down. 50

I have over these last weeks talked about our unusually persistent drab weather which felt like Spain was in mourning, well the day before our partial freedom that all changed and we see our 3rd beautiful day, so maybe she is now celebrating again to reflect the mood of her people! Birds are everywhere, maybe some are only passing through along their migration routes but their songs in our still quiet little world are flooding the airwaves. My cat was exhausted yesterday, nervous energy after she has spent the last 3 days and nights on full alert listening and watching for them, she must live in hope that one fly’s through the window!

Heading out this morning again there were lots of joggers, cyclists and people wearing sport apparel, talking to a neighbour on her balcony on the way back I discovered why, apparently the hour limit is only if you are walking. If you are exercising by participating in a sport you can go further than the 1 km radius and stay out for the hours allotted for your age group. This of course explains the people wearing sports clothes ambling along looking like they would collapse if they actually started running, if they are stopped they will say they have been jogging! I decided to head to the sea and walk along the front, I found a pleasant surprise awaiting. The entrance to our bay that has been closed for nearly 2 years was open again, enabling me to wander down to the beach without a 20 minute detour. The building of a beach club had caused this closure and there it stood right in front of me, an ugly shell yet to be completed. So as I walked down the hill I chose selective sight and kept my eye on the glimmering soft waves of the ocean to my right.

The beaches are closed for sitting on but open for walking, diving or jogging, which again I didn’t know, they seem to be changing the rules daily. The sun beamed down and it felt like freedom again, so I headed straight into the sea to feel the cold water lapping around my ankles and the sand between my toes. I walked as far as I could before it got too stony and needed shoes again, It was beautiful to see the beach (normally cleaned for tourists) in its natural state, so many shells, seaweeds and driftwood, even the little creeks normally diverted upstream were flowing down to the beach once again. Passing a few neighbours we kept safe distance and chatted as we walked along for a little while, one person was seen swimming like a pro whilst others jogged, only 2 incidences were seen of people laying down, 2 young women and a young couple. The sea was clear, all of the photos I took were of the sea not the beach, I can’t remember it being this crystal clear for a long time. I wandered around the now very rough rocks and stones to the jetty and was surprised to see beautiful graffiti on the hotel wall perimeter in the distance. I have my favourite spot a couple of minutes from where I stood, a place that holds so many memories, sitting, snacking, drinking and long chats with many people over the years whilst we looked out onto the horizon. This became a favourite spot as my beach trips are outside the summer months and it is a perfect sheltered place out of the winds or glaring sun. I wanted to sit there but as memories of family and friends who have passed came flooding by I decided today was not the day.

Above me was a new circular white look-out post built before lock down, taking the phone out for pictures I saw time was running out, so I decided I will have to venture along the new walk way above the beach and investigate another day. I always misjudge how long it takes to climb uphill back home and I started to wish that I had sports gear to wear! Thoughts of I will have to buy some beach sandals came as I looked at my feet walking back through the rocks in the sea, wearing my good orthopaedic sandals and hoping they survive the outing! This is the first time I have thought about buying anything for months as nothing was essential or needed, when are the shops going to open to get some I thought. Stopping myself from going into endless chatter I managed to bring myself into the moment and enjoy the rest of my paddle back to the part of the beach I needed to leave from.

Crossing the road was so easy, there are still no cars around just bikes, so the silence stayed through the trees and bamboo on the bank to home, then there I was outside my door sitting trying to wash off the sand stuck to my sandals with water from my bottle. Looking around I took one last deep breath and captured the taste of freedom before being confined again until tomorrow. Today I was blessed, I hadn’t expected to get onto the beach and it had felt amazing, I had however forgotten how tiring walking in the sinking sand along the sea edge was. So sitting here with my slightly tired calf’s, sea air in my lungs and gratitude in my heart I wish you stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones including taking care of your mental health. There is always light in the darkness when you feel gratitude inside for the little things in your life, no matter how small.💜


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