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Growing Old – Lock Down Day 28

1 month into Lock Down and we have survived isolation so far! Who would have thought just a few months ago that we would be surviving on basics and only what we need. World wide pollution levels have dropped and our perception of what is important, necessary or needed has changed. We have admiration and recognition for essential workers and priorities have changed, we see a coming together, whether volunteering to help those vulnerable or to entertain each other keeping our spirits up. I even saw an online physics course being offered for free during this time, and one thing that has hit us all, is a need to de clutter and clean our homes and minds, so much clutter has now become surplus to our needs.

It feels like a necessary clearing out, sorting through cupboards and draws, looking at things and wondering why am I holding on to this? Why did I even buy this? And does it serve any useful purpose? This clearing can also be seen in our minds, questioning our priorities and focusing on questions like whether we were happy before and do we want to go back to what was. Many have started to enjoy the quietness that is ensuing, quieter roads when going to work or supermarkets, hearing the birds singing, and some music has suddenly become irritating in our playlists. Are we changing in subtle ways!

We see pictures of animals taking to the quiet streets, some of our rivers are clearing, mountain tops can be seen again from a distance and the air is becoming clearer and healthier. The warnings of climate change whether you believe in it or not, were being ignored, fear around changes to our society which evolves around oil and coal could cause an economic crash etc. Many argued that climate changes are a natural process as history shows, the other side said it was man made and we need to stop polluting. Whichever side of the fence you fell on the fact is now, during these last few months we can clearly see the extent of our human imprint on our planet. Whether this affects climate change or not, we can now see to the extent of which we were/are slowly poisoning ourselves and many species. The statistics for deaths attributed to pollution is over 8 million a year with some statistics saying 1 in 6 deaths. For many people this was hard to comprehend but now “seeing is believing”, and don’t want to go back to normal on this one. Our economy has crashed but we see trillions of dollars being pulled out of thin air, so the effects are not being felt just yet. Will we build a new economy based on a cleaner and healthier lifestyle and structure? Or will we bail out the fabric of society that created this problem and go back to the status quo!

We don’t know how long this Lock Down will go on for, today Italy announced that even though the figurers of new cases are declining, it is extending its lock down once again to May 3rd , Spain is a week behind them in the enforced Isolation. So as we carry on clearing away at the physical, mental, emotional and unnecessary things we hold onto, will we get deeper and beyond the surface junk and clutter to find our true essence? Will find order to the chaos that is within us and outside of us? Will we find truth, morals, kindness, compassion and unity where we can all come together in one aim, a better sustainable future inclusive of all, including nature and its inhabitants. Future history books will tell of this time, one of an opportunity to venture onto a new path, many people feel they want this, so hope is shining brightly for humanity right now.

Let us see this time as opportunity, as we all get through our many internal challenges, out of the chaos that surrounds us let us each find order within and outside, please stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones including taking care of your mental health 💜

Clearing through clutter in our minds and life to find Order in the Chaos
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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