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Growing Old – Lock Down Day 27

Today is Good Friday and so far the sun is shining! Ironic really, as during Easter it always rains putting a dampener on parades and celebrations as many turn to the streets, but this year here we are locked inside, and the sun comes out on this what is for many a Holy Day. In the UK I see the same, except I have seen photos of peoples children playing in their gardens daily in T shirts since Isolation started, whilst we have been in dense cloud or rain.

Easter for Christians varies each year, it is calculated by the Spring Equinox, Easter Sunday falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon which occurs after March 20, because of this it occurs sometime between March 22 to April 25th. Many other Religions around the world have festivals around this time of the Equinox too, falling within their own calendars or the 1st full moon that follows. This year we have Judaism celebrating at the same time period, Passover started April 8th and ends 16th April, Celebrating God’s liberating of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery and also the Passing over and sparing of their firstborn in the last of the 10 Plagues sent by God. Some years we see Holi, a Hindu popular Colour Festival beginning of Spring fall around our Easter . This year Islam is celebrating Laylat al-Miraj on March 22 and Shab e Barat (or Lailat al Bara’a) on April 9. Native Americans and many other tribal cultures too, have festivals around the Equinox or first full moon thereafter. So Christianity like many other religions and cultures has roots based on Pagan or Ancient festivals, worshipping the Sun and its procession (Equinoxes) which were around before most religions came into being. This for me today is quite fitting for what many see as a Holy day, most years it sees rain but today we celebrate the Sun which has been hiding away for so long.

Today I plan to take a rest, avoiding constant fear based and often confusing, regarding the truth news, doesn’t always mean a lack of overwhelm, alternative news too can be overwhelming. Seeing new acts being passed in Parliaments while the world is distracted, information classed as “conspiracy theories” based on possible truths, listening to others worries or beliefs, and dealing with out own internal chatter, we can find ourselves falling into overwhelm. So no information overload today, a quick visit on here then a day of social isolation, basking in the sun, and going with the flow to find my own balance and inner calm. Music, maybe dance, stillness, silence or whatever I feel I need. I am still craving a Cadbury’s Cream Egg, such a small thing I know but my cravings for many things are growing, maybe a subject for another day, they are starting to take up too much space in my head!

Whatever your religion, faith, beliefs or lack of beliefs are I hope you find your own inner balance today, I share my favourite picture of the week, the Himalayas can be seen from 100 miles away by locals, some of which have never witnessed this in their lifetime. The last time it could be seen at such a distance was over 30 years ago before pollution took over! This truly is a blessing for everyone, to live in a less contaminated world. I will finish by wishing you peace in your heart and love for all the goodness that is emerging in society, stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones including taking care of your mental health 💜

Reports of Himalayas being seen as pollution levels drop


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