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Growing Old – Lock Down Day 24

Although we are in Isolation we find ourselves Unified with most of the worlds population. Besides the virus, we are joined together by many of the same circumstances that prevail throughout society’s, such as a lack of solid foundations for the welfare of all. We also find ourselves United by the forced circumstances that has taken us off the hamster wheel, shattering that fine line of false security and illusion of who we are. One dominant factor of this Unification is that not many will escape introspection, examining our own conscious state, thoughts and feelings. In a spiritual context it can be seen as examining our own soul.

When we look deep into our thoughts and feelings we can sometimes become confused as to the truth around beliefs and feelings, are they our own thoughts or those fed to us from outside? by culture, society or of course the many forms of religion or media trying to convince us their story is true or real. For anybody who looks at different countries news outlets to gain all prospectives on a global story, you will understand what I mean, each source can be propaganda based and many facts are hard to clarify within each view (wars started over chemical warfare capabilities, pollution levels, climate change etc.). Each country has its own version of events but in these days of information overload, this has led to a global underlying feeling of lack of trust for governments and authority, its been slowly brewing away inside many. This can make the process of introspection a little easier, as we can now (without trust in everything we are told outside of us) look inside ourselves, the self behind the mask. Now we are off the wheel of normality many are achieving this at this time.

This truth behind the mask, our own conscience, I believe is what will lead us into true Unity, the word means: oneness of mind, feeling, etc., as among a number of persons; concord, harmony, or agreement: the state of being joined together or in agreement. My own life’s experience is limited of course, but I can see some around me that are having more conviction that we must change, so we can achieve this place of harmony, peace, fairness and balance on our planet. I see more people around me starting to question normality, teetering and delving in trepidatiously on the questions of morality whilst experiencing for the first time introspection. What stops them delving in further seems to be all the emotions we often face including confusion, letting go of what was and the feeling of darkness and depression it often brings. This is possibly not a good example but my son, who does suffer deeply with feelings of darkness posted this yesterday which gave me hope that many are understanding that we need to face the darkness inside to find the truth of our own being. The lyrics are from a band called Korn, the track “The Darkness is Revealing”

Here behind the curtain lies a darkness feeding
Pooled inside, in hunger cries, and still it’s eating
Everything I had to hide is all on my sleeve
In behind the curtain lies my soul, I’m bleeding

And I see it
Can’t believe it
And the sun goes down
Taking my heart

What is this I’m feeling?
Is it a new beginning?
Am I purging past regrets?
Facing the hurt I’m dealing?
How does one start healing?
The darkness is revealing
The bittersweet reality
That this is the help I’m needing

You like myself, may not want to listen to this track, its nu metal genre and for many hard on the ears, but I felt the words quite appropriate for what many are feeling right now, sitting in our own Darkness is truly revealing. When we surface on the other side of Isolation, my hope is that we come out with more understanding of ourselves, our impact on the whole, more compassion and greater Unity. After all, our bodies are all anatomically the same, we just wear a different coloured skin and our basic needs, desires, feelings and the emotions we experience are all the same too. Once we understand this principle then compassion for all should follow.

As I leave for today I share the same message, that I hope you stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones including taking care of your mental health 💜

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

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