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Growing Old – Lock Down Day 21

Today marks 3 weeks living in lock down, something seems to be changing within people but we cant quite put our fingers on it yet. For many, life before this seems to be a long past memory, its a little like after a holiday when you are back in a routine and back at work where it feels like you have never been away. The difference with this is that many are starting to feel that they don’t want to go back to that old routine, the old ways, and the old struggles. Yes they want to get back to earn some money for survival, yes they want to hug their families again, yes they want to go out and socialise etc. but many things are arising that they don’t want to see or do. Of course we have these thoughts when on a holiday but the difference here is that on holiday you know you have to go back to your life and you are the minority having a break. This time the masses are all having that break at the same time, a collective feeling is arising of not wanting to go back to the same old ways, there is still fear and uncertainties but this deep feeling of the need for change is arising.

The beauty in many souls is rising up, now outside the treadmill they have a chance to shine, collective applause is still happening daily, collective sing alongs are still happening, people are knocking on doors conversing from the other side, checking that others are ok. Even taking out rubbish the few people you see are waving to you and smiling and people are volunteering to work on the front line of danger to help out, and so the list goes on. These beautiful stories are suddenly in the majority, especially as many people I know have switched off negative fear based news stations to shield themselves, checking in only once a day for information and focusing on the beautiful heart lifting stories around them, many people are contributing to these, not just a few. Could this be the true nature of the majority of humanity? when left to themselves without the powers that be controlling and determining most aspects of their life. Many argue not, but many are starting to feel that maybe this could the case.

This leads me to today April 4th or 5th depending where you live, there are mass global meditations and prayers happening at 10:45 pm EST time, 3:45 am (London). I have been reading about these for weeks, some have many spiritual leaders from around the globe joining in, all praying or meditating for peace, healing and love to fill this planet not just for humanity but for Mother Nature herself and all its inhabitants. For the first time yesterday I heard of some groups out there asking for people to pray to kill the virus! Many years ago I learnt not to follow anything blindly, common sense and a clear conscience tells us that its not right to pray to kill anything. Find your own place within your heart that’s pure, away from any fear or negative emotions, this is the place you will find your true wishes and prayers for the world and all that is living. With so many races, creeds, religions, spiritual leaders etc. all joining together at this time to meditate or pray for healing, peace and, for those that are suffering in anyway, I feel confident that any shadow prayers groups will only be a few grains of sand within a beach, as many people such as myself wont even have seen them.

I am off to try to get through some tasks early today, its cold glum, windy and silent again, it feels like the end of the world is here after yesterdays sunny bright cheerful day. I often feel this way along with a head ache that I woke with, just before a storm and outside it certainly looks like we could have one very soon. I woke feeling exhausted, and didn’t want to get up, maybe my moods are falling in with natures flow or primal instinct, a day to be huddled up safe in a cave!

If you cant join in the global prayers today, (its in the middle of the night in Europe) then you can say your own at any time to add to the many that are being sent out. Many streamed events such as singing, chanting, dancing, meditations, talks by spiritual leader etc. are over a 12 hour period, I hope you can create your own space to join in this collective event, Stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones including taking care of your mental health 💜

Sending out Prayers for Peace, Healing and Love to fill our Planet and ALL Life

Photo credit: Beverly&Pack on Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

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