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Growing Old – Lock Down Day 13

We are now approaching the 2 week mark in Lock Down, with many people having hit a psychological barrier. After originally being told it would last for 2 weeks (which felt a long time to endure isolation) we are now facing the reality of another 2 weeks. Although we have had a good few days to simulate this information, and of course our intelligence tells us its necessary as we see figures showing the infection still spreading, there is a still a gloomy atmosphere amongst people as we approach our original day of freedom/back to normality. Although the logical mind accepts it, emotions like sadness, frustration and disappointment still manage to take precedent and fill our minds as we approach our next 2 weeks of lock down. When it first started most people came together in humour, unity and positivity supporting each other through social media and other technological means, but this time it seems we will need extra strength to get us through.

Now that the goal post has moved, many worry it will move again and insecurity about the future takes hold, the reality of a bigger problem to come financially and how to find endurance for this situation etc. I personally hope this has a positive effect in the psyche of people, if we were going back to normal tomorrow all the thoughts of unity, a better world etc. would soon be forgotten. We go into the future with more time to assess who we are, where we are at and what we would like to see change for a better society for everybody including wildlife and nature. When we find our self beyond the chattering monkey mind we are full of love and compassion, we see that we are all the same. I believe we are not greedy, selfish or power hungry at our core so when we see beyond our habitual chatter and learned thoughts we can work together for the benefit of all. This morning I came across this by Osho and was immediately compelled to share, unusual for me, Enjoy.

The sky is empty, but the empty sky contains everything, the whole existence, the sun, the moon, the stars, the earth, the planets, the clouds. The empty sky gives space to all that is, it forms the background of all existence, things come and go and the empty sky remains the same. Your inner being is nothing but your inner sky, in exactly the same way you have an empty sky you have an inner sky that is also empty. Get in and enjoy that inner sky, you are none of the things you can see. You can see the thoughts, you’re not the thoughts, you can see the feelings, you’re not the feelings, you can see your dreams, desires, memories, imaginations, projections, then you are not them. Go on eliminating all that you can see. Then one day the tremendous moment arrives, the most significant moment of one’s life, when there is nothing left to be rejected. All the seen has disappeared and only the seer is there (“sakshin” the witness). That seer is the empty sky, to know it is to be fearless, and to know it is to be full of love, to know it is to be Godliness, is to be immortal. There is no way of contaminating the sky, of making impressions on it, marks on it, the inner sky remains the same, untouched, untarnished, unscarred. One who’s conscience transcends the mind, is eternally pure, eternally enlightened, pollution has never affected him. – Osho!

With all that said I am off to meditate and try to be a witness to my own inner sky, to leave everybody’s thoughts behind and find my own true inner self, so again for today try to stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones💜

Find Your Inner Sky

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