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Growing Old – Lock Down Day 12

Finally we have some Sunshine! as it works its way round to my little balcony mid morning I shall be heading out to soak it up whilst doing some yoga and stretching exercises. Facing East/West we have around 3 hours before it leaves so we need to make the most of it while its out and shining, as more rain is forecast tomorrow and clouds are still in the sky. I am feel quite blessed right now, although many have small gardens or live in the country where they can be outside a lot more, the majority of Spaniards live in apartments with tiny or no balcony’s. As they are mostly outdoor people balcony’s arent usually necessary, just for drying clothes etc. Larger balcony’s are usually for holiday rentals where foreigners like to sunbathe.

Mine is in between, with at least enough room to exercise and its not overlooked for which I am truly grateful. I will also enjoy the last of my freesias blooming, although looking a little worse for wear due to the strong winds we have had, (actually still having) they are still beautiful and colourful. Sunshine, flowers, bird song, yoga, exercise and meditation, what more could I wish for, its seems like eons since being able to do so whilst living in Isolation, strange how perception of time changes.

I saw a report yesterday that there have been 926 arrests and 102,000 police reports filed for disobedience during the 10 day period of lock down, this of course means that these people were issued with fines first, then after warnings they would have been arrested. The point being these high figures have been during 10 days of rain or dull days. With the sun shining today and the feeling of claustrophobia and isolation that many are feeling, how many without a balcony to sit on will try to go out in the sunshine and hope they are not caught? I suspect many. One legal way will be to go to the supermarkets, with people lining up outside on the street as a limited number are allowed inside at any one time, as one leaves another is allowed in, there will be a large queue outside today I am sure!

Well the wind has got up very strong whilst writing this, so I am off to enjoy this break in the weather while it lasts and hopefully as I can hear it howling in my little space here on the west side, the east side on the balcony will be sheltered. Sunshine and fresh air is so important for both physical and mental health, with many in great need of vitamin D during these times. So again for today try to stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones💜

Vitamin D and sunshine

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