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Growing Old – Lock Down Day 9

Last week when the lock down first started, quietness was the most noticeable feature, you could hear the birds singing and a sense of stillness, today that seems to have taken on a whole new level. As I sit here with the washing machine on, the sound actually feels deafening and irritating! Its disturbing my concentration and peace, the same happens when I switch on the kettle. Music sounds different too, I seem to be playing much calmer songs or if not then turning the volume down!

Many years ago I spent a lot of my youth rock climbing and rambling, this was before its popularity and places like the Lake District in UK became over run with visitors, the many villages I visited around UK were still quiet and sleepy. Of course in those days there wasn’t so much background noise from the many electric and electronic gadgets we have today and also not so many cars. The point is, waking up this morning reminds me of those days. I live in a town and its nearly lunch time but it has the same feel as packing up a tent at 7am in a field and heading off through a sleepy quiet village listening to the sounds of nature, with only the odd sound of clattering pans coming from houses and the odd person you pass through the streets.

I am really not sure why this is, maybe it has some scientific based reason but nothing is different to last Monday, does noise pollution work like atmospheric pollution, accumulative? If so then like pollution levels are clearing around the world maybe noise pollution is too, whatever the reason it is so beautiful, uplifting, energising and the saying “Silence is Golden” has never sounded so true.

Right now I am off to venture on my Balcony for a little while and get some fresh air before the little of the sun we have leaves it, I will soak up the songs of the birds and maybe reminisce on my youth before the winds and rain return. Stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones💜


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