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Growing Old – Lock Down day 8

The sun is shining through the clouds this morning after heavy rain during the night, it feels so good, a little ray of hope for the future after waking to the news that after thinking we are half way through this lock down, it will be extended for a further 15 days. This leaves us with 3 more weeks to go and will keep all in Isolations during the Easter period, with all celebrations cancelled. New cases are still on the rise which is why this decision is being made, all private health care and hospital facilities have been commandeered by the government to help cope with the growing number of cases. Hotels are also to be used as makeshift hospitals for milder cases needing hospitalisation, retired Doctors and Nurses have been called in and health authorities are resorting to medicine students to shore up an overburdened healthcare system that is near collapse. This comes after more than 500 health care staff have tested positive to the virus, and the announcement that 640,000 Fast Tests from the international market have been purchased giving results in 15 minutes and are already being distributed so the infected figures are expected to rise.

Saturday put the total number of deaths in Spain from the coronavirus pandemic at 1,350, with infections nearly at 25,000, while 2,125 had recovered and been discharged from hospital.

I cannot confirm with official figures but it is circulating that at the present time there have been more fines issued for breaking the lock down regulations than confirmed cases of the virus! A statement from the National Police, said the response by the public had been remarkable and positive adding there had been exceptions, they had made 25 arrests on Friday for non-compliance and 6,000 reports of fines for disobeying the authorities (This is unclear if was on Friday or during the 7 days of lock down). The statement also drew attention to the challenge of keeping domestic violence cases under control, and called on citizens to use official social media accounts or to call 091 to report possible crimes. “These women are facing two pandemics: Covid-19, and sexist violence Abuse”, the experts said. Some areas report emergency shelters for the homeless have already been set up.

One worrying statement was that any coronavirus vaccine found would be fast-tracked, and would not have to go through conventional processes! We may be in a crisis but many still remember drugs like thalidomide in the past and the devastation that caused with not enough stringent testing. Also many are starting to question governments authority over such things as compulsory vaccinations etc. With many countries on Lock Down and most having armed forces called on to help on the streets, many of the worlds population are already under control, bringing fears and worry of underhand drastic world policy making. They fear economy crashes or other unpopular legislations are being enforced such as the installation of 5G, were many local councils voted to not allow the roll out due to insufficient evidence of safety to health as many scientist warn of its dangers.

I leave you today after so many statistics from our first week in Isolation, with a wish of a Happy Mothers Day to anybody in the UK celebrating this day, I hope you find ways to celebrate whether video parties, home made cakes and meals or whatever you can at this time. The darkness of the night will be shorter tonight than yesterday and spring is around the corner. Nature is doing what she does best repairing and healing herself from human polution and the dolphins are returning to the canals in Venice, good news today as we celebrate World Water Day. (Update, Dolphins in Venice turned out to be fake news! But you can see the fish in the canals) Stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones💜


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