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Growing Old – Lock Down Day 7

Today marks the end of our first week in lock down and we have survived! what seemed to many as a nightmare to come, being locked up at home, hasn’t been as bad as we thought. The oppressive weather may have made for gloomier spirits but helped with the acceptance of isolation, with many normally staying inside anyway when not at work in these conditions.

Last night Friday, 20 March 2020, 04:49 CET marked the Vernal (Spring) Equinox, the first day of astronomical spring. In many traditions this marks a time of transition and new beginnings as the light overtakes the dark, promising longer days and new hopes. Although Isolation is affecting most of our world, many celebrations and ceremonies still went ahead inside homes with many live streams for people to join online, which actually was a blessing for those who like to celebrate but can never attend these ceremonies. It has brought many communities together online and will continue through out the day, celebrating Mother Nature and Gaia our home.

In times of Isolation we are all thankful for modern technology bringing people together, many are turning from fear based information to celebrations with each other and humanity as a whole, there are music marathon festivals running online with artists performing live from their homes, unplugged music, free for the world to enjoy, some have well over a million people enjoying these virtual performances from every part of the globe. I hope you are able to join in one of the many communities online, whether for meditation, music, comedy, or sacred ceremonies, all have the same intention, bringing people together raising hopes and spirits.

As I sat writing today’s update I received a very pleasant surprise, a delivery! Deliveries are still running during this lock down for the moment, it was a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my precious Daughter. It is Mothers Day in UK tomorrow and although we don’t usually celebrate it as we have Spanish Mothers Day here in Spain on the first Sunday in May. She decided to surprise me, my heart is full and am truly thankful, fresh flowers at this time is like bringing the inaccessible outside inside. Their beauty seem more precious at this time, as well as celebrating myself as a mother they also represent to me the celebrations of mother nature and all its beauty, we take for granted the complexity, diversity, nourishment and the wonder she provides us with everyday. My wish is that after this crisis we finally as a human race start to honour her again.

Remarkably today’s photo for you here was to be a few flowers that have started blooming on my balcony looking a little worse for wear, but still breaking through and blooming during the heavy rain and strong winds we have just endured. It represented for me the beginning of spring with this equinox and the transition to new beginnings as the light overtakes the dark. I do believe in synchronises, as you can see below my thoughts of moving into more light and new beginnings were reinforced by this beautiful surprise gift from love in my daughters heart, passing many miles through isolation limitations to reach myself filling my heart with joy, hope and love. It shows that we are still deeply connected in thought.

All that is left to say is Stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones, the light will shine again very soon💜


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