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Growing Old – Lock Down Day 6

Today we wake up to a wet depressing looking day, strangely enough though I personally am feeling in higher spirits than the last few days, maybe because we are just settling down into acceptance and starting to get on with our circumstances and finding a routine. The nightly round of applause is still going on for all the doctors, nurses, supermarket and delivery workers, emergency services and police etc. that are working tirelessly especially doctors and nurses who are taking care of our health emergencies and treating those who are infected and in need. The applause and of course this is Spain so anything else that can make a noise is added, and the cheers can be heard from every balcony for 10 mins every evening.

Whilst many families are bonding and making the most of this time together there are those for whom being in Lock Down and isolation can be difficult, and the impact for those in abusive relationships can be the most worrying. Living Without Abuse states that domestic abuse will affect 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men in their lifetime, these coming months are going to be very difficult to navigate for those caught up in this, not just the couples involved but for many children that are witnessing or part of the abuse. Domestic violence is a world wide problem, a BBC article shows how the virus is hitting Asian women telling of an increase of abuse cases and the difficulty of leaving whilst in a lock down. All supermarkets are still selling alcohol which leaves many drinking much more than they would whilst out working and occupied, which also can exasperate the problem of violence.

All helplines and emergency hotlines are still open and accessible in all countries during these times, so if you need help call them!, or if you need advice on how to cope if you are in a vulnerable situation many online associations are giving out advice online. For those of us who are not in this situation but know of others that are, please check up and make contact with them daily, it may help them feel supported too. If you are a neighbour and hear any violence call the emergency services to break it up before it gets out of hand especially when small children are involved. As an ex victim of domestic violence many years ago I remember freezing not being able to run or fight back, I woke up in hospital. I am also friends with a lady who’s grand daughter was paralysed and brain damaged for life caught up in a violent attack aimed at the mother. So please, please call for help if you think they are in a situation that they cant make that call for themselves, we need to come together to support and help the best that we can those who are vulnerable.

Well I am off to have my daily 5 minute walk out to the rubbish bins in the rain, the highlight of my afternoons. Mornings I keep busy, afternoons are the hardest and evenings I find plenty of things to watch, or listen to podcasts, do meditations etc. to relax. I have to say though that music is being my saviour, over the years I have listened to less and less, but now I am discovering lots on new music again. Stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones💜

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plains.
And everywhere else!

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