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Growing Old – Lock Down Day 4

As the focus turns from news reports to actually assessing our own situations and the reality we are in at the moment, new worries are arising amongst many. With Police blocking the entrance to our town and checking all vehicles arriving and leaving they are issuing fines starting from 600 up to 30,000 Euros! for more than one person in them, or they have no proof they are going to work for one of the permitted essential services.

People are realising this is for real, many thought they could get out a little by driving around and saying they were going to supermarkets etc. but now you need proof of purchases from petrol stations or supermarkets, proof of doctors appointments and official permissions to attend work. Supermarkets have to be the ones closest to your residence and dog walkers have to be less than 10 minutes from their home, I think that up to 30,000 euro fines has shocked everybody, who could pay that amount? with prison if you don’t pay. I can understand the reasoning behind such drastic measures, with many thinking they could just half isolate and get around restrictions, like going out to exercise etc. it is probably the only way to enforce a lock down.

We come back to the realisation that no matter what in life there will always be those that skirt around rules, take advantage of situations and people, act selfishly or spoil things for others, which leaves governments with a reason for such drastic measures. The question, suspicion and worry that remains to many is if it is really necessary? and, just how easy would it be to take away many of our civil liberties if we don’t conform to their wishes in the future? the question of a no cash society, being chipped, forced vaccines, restriction of movement etc. are coming to the fore front of peoples minds, with many still remembering the Franco era.

With the news this morning that companies can temporarily suspend all work contracts leaving them open to terminate contracts without the normal regulatory conditions many have lost their jobs. Will reinstating any contract lead to new lower wages or whatever the company wants to apply? This has sent panic and worry to many people which adds to the suspicions of more state and corporation controls with less rights for workers, more debt and poorer conditions for most. So on day 4 there seems to be a general feeling of suspicion and worry for the months ahead forefront in peoples minds rather than the panic around the virus that was prevailant over the last weeks.

I hope people take time to work through and assess some of these strong emotions and worries popping up. It can be be difficult to live through isolation yet at the same time not be isolated from the outside world and its events, knowing there is nothing you can do. These are times when we need to look after our mental health as well as physical health before depression creeps in, as our behaviour affects all those we are in isolation with. We can only live each day as it comes and try to make the most of it in the present moment and help each other stay strong, positively working as a team. Today the oppressive weather isn’t helping but remember the sun will shine again soon. Stay safe and take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones💜

Gloomy, Windy day 4, waiting for the sun to shine again!

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